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Training Program

Training Program, Urban Zen, UCLA Rehabilitation ServicesBecome a Urban Zen Integrative Therapist 

Training to become a certified Urban Zen Integrative Therapist is only open to current UCLA Health employees with approval from their managers.

Training consists of 50 hours of in-class training, 50 hours of clinical rotations, and 20 hours of out-of-class work. To see a sample of the class syllabus & homework click here.

Cycle 4 Training Completed ~ Spring 2015

Training for Cycle 5 to be determined.  We are not accepting applications at this time.

For questions about the training, please email Alice Hang, Rehab Management Assistant, at: ahang@mednet.ucla.edu

The Trainers & Mentors

Trainers & mentors are employees or contractors for the Urban Zen Foundation. They include nationally-renowned yoga master Rodney Yee and Colleen Saidman Yee.

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