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Patient Testimonials

Patient & Staff Testimonials

May 2013

  • "On Sunday, we had a patient who was experience extreme anxiety, pain, and sleeping difficulty but did not want to resort to drugs.  I offered the Urban Zen on her for 15 minutes.  She was just so amazed by the experience of the therapy.  It gave her total relaxation, relief from pain and anxiety, among other things." - Pilar (UCLA Trained Urban Zen Integrative Therapist)

April 2013

  • "I was called to do reiki because the patient was in pain and they could not give any more pain meds. The amazing thing was that the heart rate of the patient went down as the patient began to relax.  You can see in the photo that I am watching the vitals on the monitor. (I could not believe my eyes!) Wonderful experience and the patient felt better." - Danica Fiaschetti (UCLA Trained Urban Zen Integrative Therapist)
  •  "Pilar, without a word, gently eased me into a chair, and administered a soul-soothing treatment to my shoulders and neck. Now i know firsthand how beneficial these treatments are. The Holistic Healing Team are a wonderful asset to UCLA's patient care."

August 2012Urban Zen Patient

  • "I wanted to first of all thank you for your vision and support in providing this profound and excellent program to the UCLA Health.  Since we have done the 2nd training we have had the privilege of providing 80 visits to our ante partum population. I cannot begin to describe the amazing experience received of this wonderful gift. We have managed to help patients with stress, claustrophobia, headaches, back pain and just overall relaxation to women stuck in their beds day after day. It has provided us with a whole different level of being here and making a difference one patient at a time. I want to thank you for all that you provided us in this training and the support to be able to offer this amazing program. We truly send our heart felt thanks to you.  Every time a patient opens her eyes after going through meditative breathe awareness with essential oils and smiles and says "wow", we know that we have helped her in away that transcends any thank you. This is a gift that is priceless. Thank you."


May 2012

  • "My two and a half year old daughter has been here at UCLA for the past two months. She was intubated the day we came because of respiratory distress. She was born with low muscle tone because of spinal stenosis; she has been under a lot of stressful conditions, was on many medications and having trouble sleeping. We were lucky enough to be introduced to Denise, an RN who also practices Reiki. I have always been a fan of alternative medicine but was not familiar with Reiki. I do know that it has a lot to do with the body's energy. Denise came in with some essential oils, soft music and began in bed movements with Lily. After a few minutes, Lily completely calmed down, her heart rate lowered and she was happy. The whole treatment was absolutely amazing. Ever since the first treatment, Lily has developed some sort of bond with Denise. Every time she walks by Lily calls her into the room. I think it has a lot to do with the positive energy exchange that was provided through Reiki. I completely support this idea of therapy and will continue to practice it with my family. It is an awesome addition to traditional medicine and should be used with every patient if possible."

  • "My daughter was recently hospitalized in the cardiothoracic intensive care unit after having her congenital heart defect surgically repaired.  I was impressed with the quality care she received at Mattel Children's Hospital at UCLA.  In particular I found the Urban Zen therapy performed by Denise Brown, RN to be a wonderful and innovative treatment modality which I feel greatly added to my daughter's healing.  My daughter was placed in a restorative yoga pose and an essential oil (lavender aromatherapy) was used.  These measures eased her pain and discomfort and had a calm and soothing effect.  I would highly recommend offering this wonderful treatment option to patients to benefit the recovery process."

  • "A 2-day old baby girl went into respiratory failure and 12 hours after arriving in the NICU she was put on ECMO (like heart-lung bypass machine). By the time I met the mom, dad and the mom's sister, they were exhausted after holding vigil for 3 days at the baby's bedside. Once the baby was stable I was able to take each of them away to a private room for integrative therapy sessions.  Mom was first.  She told me that she couldn't sleep even though she was exhausted. She still had pain from the delivery, and her feet and ankles were very swollen.  We did very gentle movements of the feet then I supported her in a chair. Two minutes into the body scan, she was in deep sleep. She was amazed at how deeply she rested after such a short time and she felt calm and quiet.  Both dad and mom's sister went into deep relaxation during the session. They looked at each other afterwards and commented that they all looked very different; they said "the whole family is relaxed and calm, and that's what we want the baby to feel now because things are more under control today".  They felt that they now had the strength to be prepared for the worst."


Margaret Sison, Urban ZenApril 2012

  • "[After a] NICU Parent Support Group meeting a mother wanted a private Reiki session with her baby who went through open heart surgery and was very fussy for a while. He got tired easily and could not take his full feeds. Doctors talked about putting a stomach tube in and that upset the mom. So we did Reiki together for 10 minutes. I started by placing my hands over the baby's head and chest. I placed mom's hands to cradle baby's feet while I kept my hands on the baby's abdomen. His oxygen saturation went up to 99% from 94% and his face relaxed. After another 5 minutes, I withdrew my hands, and mom instinctively placed her hands over the baby's head and I could see that he totally relaxed. I don't know if all the tiny changes are coincidental, but to be able to give confidence to a parent for what she can provide to her baby in a difficult time is priceless! The day before the surgery, mom reported to me that her son had taken most of his feedings by bottle and even breastfed from her, and the surgery was cancelled. Mom and baby went home 2 days later on full breast feeding and no stomach tube!"
  • "I had a great experience working with a patient in the ER this week. She had a compound tib/fib fracture (it hadn't been surgically fixed yet), and hourly IV morphine wasn't touching the pain. I did an UZIT session with her, and afterwards she said that her pain was finally manageable and she begged for more Reiki. After the second session of Reiki, she slept soundly for two hours! Since she hadn't been relieved of pain enough to rest since her accident almost ten hours earlier, she was extremely grateful for the service. Take that, morphine! :)"
  • "That really worked! The Reiki was so relaxing. I feel like that's the first thing somebody has done for me as a person since I came to the hospital."

February 2012

  • "I have placed my family in restorative poses with oils - they love it. Today I placed a patient in Cobblers Pose, she fell asleep right away. Thank for doing what you do!!!"

January 2012

  • "I was discharged after spending six days receiving continuous infusion chemotherapy for Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. The care was excellent but as part of my treatment I was placed on high dose prednisone, a cardiac monitor, a PICC line, and exposed to frequent interruptions of sleep due to blood draws, ambient hospital noise, and other stimuli. I received Urban Zen techniques on two occasions, which demonstrated basic, effective methods of dealing with the stressors I was encountering as part of my hospital experience. I wish to express my gratitude for the help I received from the Urban Zen program and hope that the program's true value will be recognized and respected as an instrumental part of providing excellent healthcare at UCLA."
  • "This has helped me greatly."
  • "Normally it takes a lot of medication to help me relax, but this really worked. It put me under a spell."
  • "I was skeptical at first, but that was actually very relaxing."
  • "That was very nice. It was just what I needed. I feel it counteracted the effects of the radiation."

November 2011

  • "As I sat and watched you practicing Reiki on S even I relaxed and felt the soothing and comforting feeling. Then this morning, around 4:00 am, S had another breakthrough pain event, the type which put her in the hospital for two weeks recently. I gave her pain medications but they weren't working. Then she asked me to guide her through the type of relaxation session that she experienced yesterday with you. While it was not Reiki, just guiding her through the awareness of her breathing and relaxation of her body from head to toe relaxed her enough to allow the pain meds to take hold. She still has some pain but she is resting comfortably. As you sit down to your Thanksgiving meal today, I hope you think of us for just a moment... and know that we are thankful to have you in our lives. We appreciate you and all you do to bring comfort to others. You make a difference!"
  • "This experience has been life-changing.  In all of my years as an RN, I have never received such a beautiful opportunity as this one with Urban Zen.  I can't believe I am being trained to do something I already have such a passion for.  I will be able to utilize these life skills in my work with patients, my family, and myself.  Each day, I feel the impact of the teachings affecting every aspect of my life."


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